The Titan Story so far ….

TITAN was founded in early 2002 as a Hybrid Executive Search and recruitment consultancy in response to a need for an accurate, fast, cost effective way to identify and attract senior talent within Australia and Asia

Focusing on “hybrid targeted search” to recruit difficult to find people.  Often working in conjunction with the business/HR (and various recruitment models) to recruit the harder to find people and attract individuals that are not necessarily looking for a new role (90% of Titan placed candidates are proactively approached “cold called” ).

TITAN specialise in sourcing hard to find talent to support Sales and Services organisations – Snr leadership,  regional leadership, Sales  and practice management and Individual contributors.

Engagement Experience

  • Titan has typically delivered multiple assignments for the same organisations and have a reputation for partnering while focused on delivering accurate outcomes for client companies.
  • Although external, often seen as internal with our clients
  • Expertise and experience model professional services firm – focus on what we are renowned for, Targeted search in markets with low levels of available talent, or highly competitive marketplaces of sought after talent.
  • We are “in the traffic” good at reading the demand and supply in the market.
  • Very strong knowledge of people in the vendor and services industry based on many hundreds of completed assignments.
  • Have the ability and experience in improving employment brands

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Delivery Expertise

Our focus has been on consulting assignments delivered around:

  • Talent nurturing and talent pipeline development to reduce recruitment lag times
  • Outsourced external recruitment often utilised to help build talent pipeline in client facing roles
  • Human Capital Management projects aimed at increasing sales force yield,candidate benchmarking, Internal interviews, Talent audits
  • Senior executive “Market  Ready “ programs & Executive Coaching

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