Our Approach

Our proactive approach is highly interactive, tailored and will commence with the provision of job descriptions, after an in-depth and detailed briefing from you.

Initially, we would look to gain a clear understanding of the ideal candidate’s background and attributes. Our research driven Search strategy will involve us producing a list of target organisations where potential candidates may be found and then identifying the key individuals within those organisations that are relevant for the assignment. Using both covert and overt research techniques and tapping into industry sources we gather the data that forms the basis of the search.

Candidates once identified will be approached directly by our team of practitioners. Each candidate will be evaluated initially via telephone contact, and then through a more formal interview process where we will establish their strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and credentials relative to the agreed specifications. At this stage, we will also undertake initial reference checking to provide an additional perspective for discussion. Appropriate candidates will then be discussed with you individually.

The Titan Story so far ....

TITAN was founded in early 2002 as a Hybrid Executive Search and Recruitment consultancy in response to a need for an accurate, fast, cost effective way to identify and attract senior talent within Australia and Asia. Learn More or Contact Us

Typical Assignments

The majority of the roles that Titan are assigned include; Snr management, Roles in the Sales Organisation & Senior Services Roles.  Learn More or Contact Us